Practicing Non-Violence: The Ethics of Winning

This is a link to my op ed piece in The Living Church Anticipating the decision on Same-Sex-Blessings.

3 thoughts on “Practicing Non-Violence: The Ethics of Winning

  1. Dr. Harding, your article seems to ignore those times and persons who over the past nine years saw themselves as the holier than thou winners in this on-going issue of same gender blessings. While a Cleric in Central Florida who happened to be pro-same- gender blessings, I was judged, threatened, vilified and victimized by other clergy of that Diocese who held the opposing point of view. Strange I did not see you writing an article targeting them to “practice nonviolence”. Wouldn’t even you have to agree that is more than a bit hypocritical? My personal experience has shown the opponents of same gender blessings to be much meaner and agressive than any of the proponents I have known or met. At least stop trying to sound unbiased. You clearly are not or else you are a poor researcher. Either way your words strike me as to late, too little, too one sided.

  2. Fr. Wesley,
    My experience has been the exact opposite: those who favor same-gender blessings threaten, vilify, and belittle those of us on the other side. Perhaps “the eye of the beholder” applies for both of us?

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