My New Book on the Eucharist Is Out

My new book is available through Wipf and Stock Publishers here and through amazon here

2 thoughts on “My New Book on the Eucharist Is Out

  1. I’ve just finished your little book.. I found it intriguing from the beginning.. It should be used for every pre-confirmation class.. Thank you for being a bit “liberal” (in a nice sort of way). I’ve been locked into an Anglo-Catholic
    service, for the last three years, and have just escaped.

    Father Harding, you have proved there can be “joy in Mudville”, even if one doesn’t do Rite l at every single gathering of the congregation, no matter what the cause.

    Hopefully, the Holy Spirit will lead me somewhere there is “high church” with someone interested in evangelism.
    Thank you again for a wonderful book, I shall read and reread it.

  2. I bought your book and read it. I think it is helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the Eucharist as we practice. I know it will help my wife because she has told me that she feels lost in what’s happening while trying to follow the service. Thanks, perhaps she’ll understand why we are doing what we do.

    Bless you,

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