A Remarkable Italian Story About Same-Sex Attraction

Over the years I have found the psychologists at NARTH the most dependable and compassionate source of information from the social sciences on same-sex attraction. From Italy comes this really remarkable story of an Italian pop singer and the song he wrote for a music festival about his struggle with same-sex attraction. Read the story and be sure to watch the video which comes with subtitles. I couldn’t imagine how a song like this could work as art but it is I think quite a brillant performance. The story is here.

One thought on “A Remarkable Italian Story About Same-Sex Attraction

  1. Dr. Harding, Thank you for posting this. I watched the video and after some time to think about this young man’s experience, my only concern is that he replaced his mis-directed desires and dis-orientation with a woman instead of Jesus Christ. Earthly loves and relationships can and do fail, he’s still not on solid ground for forming a strong identity. Our only true identity is found in Jesus Christ.

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