See Ben Stein’s Expelled

See Ben Stein’s Movie Expelled


I didn’t see this movie when it was in the theaters but I ordered it from Netflix. I only know Ben Stein as a TV personality. I knew he was witty, thoughtful and funny but I didn’t expect such a powerful and provocative presentation of the debate around Intelligent Design. By all means see this movie if you haven’t seen it. It would make an excellent discussion piece for a youth group or an adult education event in a parish. Stein does a wonderful job of bringing out the prejudice of scientism masquerading as science. The most poignant and disturbing aspect of this brilliantly edited piece is the way in which Stein brings out the subtext of anti-Semitism lurking beneath the surface of the atheism of Richard Dawkins. There is an especially chilling scene in which Richard Dawkins is reading from his book, The God Delusion, and describing his take on the God of the Old Testament. This scene of vitriol, and it is the crudest vitriol, being read out by the urbane but contemptuous Dawkins literally in the face of a Jewish man who just a few moments ago in the film had been exploring with German scholars the connection between social Darwinism and the racial theories of the Nazis provides the most eloquent and damning commentary without a word of protest being said by Stein in the interview. One of the most appealing aspects of this documentary is the way in which it trusts the intelligence of the audience. It is a must see.

5 thoughts on “See Ben Stein’s Expelled

  1. I thought this documentary was well done. I especially appreciated the final interview with Dawkins in which he becomes visibly shaken and refers to some intelligent beings who must have first created or seeded life on earth. If he had been on a witness stand, his case would have been thrown out right there.

  2. You’re right that Expelled would be good for youth groups or schools. In fact, we are trying to help arrange screenings for such groups through

    As you know, in Expelled Stein points out that America is supposed to believe in free speech and academic freedom, yet on the issues of evolution and intelligent design right now, there is precious little freedom of discussion. Dawkins, and the other Darwinists only want to discuss intelligent design in order to put it down, and to build up Darwinian evolution. They’re intolerant of any other views.

    We hope to change that. We want to turn Darwin Day (Feb 12) into Academic Freedom Day. Visit, and be sure to sign the petition at, and tell you friends to sign as well.

  3. Leander

    I saw the movie last spring when it was out with Brad Wilson in a late afternoon matinee. We were the only two people in the threater!

    The interview scene with Stein and the female curator at the museum/former mental hospital in Germany was chilling.


  4. We are watching this documentary this sunday with our Youth Group. I look forward to a lively conversation. I thought that this work was well done. This hits close to home for us since George Mason University is right in our backyard and DC is our neighbor. Both were featured heavily in the film.

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