A Call For An Extensive Poll Of Episcopalians

Titusonenine has a good story about research Bill Sachs of ECF has done on reaction to GC 2003.

I have suggested repeatedly in various settings that the Episcopal Church Foundation, because it is an independent foundation with a research arm, conduct a carefully composed and extensive poll aimed at finding out what the sentiment in the pews really is on the issue. The point is not to vote on the truth but to give leaders on all sides of the question an accurate reading on where the people actually are. My ancedotal experience is that in my parish both strong proponents and strong opponents consistently overestimate the strength of their party in the parish, underestimate the size of what is inadequately described as the undecided party and routinely misidentify where other people in the parish are on the topic. One of the most hilarious experiences I have had is a forum where two different parishioners were irate with me, one for being an opponent of GC 2003 and one for not being a strong enough opponent of GC2003. They each interspersed their remarks with expressions of total agreement with each other and each to this day operates with the illusion that the other is on her “side.” It would sober up everyone and positively affect the debate to have an accurate take on where the people in the pews really are.

Leave a comment if you think this is a good idea.

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