Is Change Possible?

Is change really possible? Absolutely! We testify from our own personal experience that we have experienced profound change in our sexual identity, behavior, interests and desires — change that has brought us great peace and satisfaction. (See About Us: Our Stories)

In sharing our experience, we are not necessarily suggesting that everyone can change. Nor are we saying that everyone should try to change. We are only sharing our own experience, about what was right for us and what worked for us. We have no desire to try to convince people who are happy living a gay life that they should be dissatisfied. If “gay” works for them, great. We are not suggesting that those who embrace and accept a gay identity and choose to live as homosexuals are sick, or wrong, or somehow “less than” others. They are as deserving of respect as we are.

Homosexuality just wasn’t right for us. It conflicted with our deeply held beliefs, our life goals, and our intrinsic sense of our true, authentic selves.

And so we pursued change — and ultimately found that by facing and addressing deep emotional wounds, fears and other root problems, our homosexual desires started to diminish and then to disappear, while heterosexual feelings began to emerge and increase. True, we found the journey was often difficult and frightening, but the destination has brought us immeasurable peace and joy. In fact, if there is one consistency in the scores of published testimonials by those who have succeeded at change, it is their universal claim that their lives are better now., Is Change Really Possible?

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