Family Therapist, Frank Pittman On Divorce

After 42 years of working with over 10,000 couples in various states of crisis, I can confirm that divorce has already become increasingly popular and is now considered not just normal but the expected and perhaps inevitable final chapter of marriage.Divorce is considered, by the media, by the TV and newspaper advice giving “experts,” and even by many of the professional therapists, particularly the youngest and least experienced ones, to be the treatment of choice for mild depression (”I’m just not happy,”) for unpleasantness (”I felt verbally abused”) and for sexual attractions to passing strangers or casual friends (”I must not be in love with my mate.”) All baby boomers are sure they deserve an ideal partner and when they discover they don’t have one they know they should be free at any moment to dump this imperfect one, put the kids in storage, and go back to the perfect partner collection for another try.

Frank Pittman, Response to “The Death of ‘Till Death Us Do Part’: Marriage in the 20th Century”

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